Types of Tournaments

Open Tournament:

Formatted like a USFA tournament, with a preliminary round of pools and then a direct elimination round until 1 fencer remains.

Team Meet:

Formatted like an NCAA meet. Each school fields two teams of 3 squads:
a men’s team (Foil, Epee, Saber) &
a women’s team (Foil, Epee, Saber).

Each squad is made of three fencers, with places for alternates. The squads from each school fence against one another in a match. Each match is made of 9 encounters (3 people vs. 3 people = 9 total bouts). The winning squad is the one who takes a minimum of 5 of the 9 encounters in the match. The winning team is the one who wins 14 of the 27 total bouts. i.e. if UC Riverside beats UC San Diego in Mens Foil 8-1, but then loses in Men’s Epee 4-5 and Saber 2-7, then UCR is still the winning school (14-13).

The schools fence each other two times in the season. The total victories are calculated afterwards, and a conference champion is crowned.

When you do not field a squad, or a team, then you automatically forfeit all those matches. It is encouraged to try and field whatever squads you can.


As of May 28, 2015

Intercollegiate Fencing Conference of Southern California