About the IFCSC

Mission Statement
The objective of the Conference is to provide the undergraduate collegiate fencer with the opportunity to compete with others in an institutional, educational setting, under the direction of coaches whose primary concern is the welfare of the fencers.

Membership in the conference shall be open to accredited four-year universities and colleges in the Southern California area.  All memberships must be approved by a majority of the members.  Membership shall continue subject to the approval of the Governing Council.

A school wishing to apply for membership must attend the Spring Coaches Meeting and put their case to the Governing Council.

The annual dues shall be $500.00 (five hundred dollars).  Payment of the dues allows the institution to compete in all IFCSC meets, if otherwise qualified, and to one vote on the Governing Council. Checks should be made out to “Tim Robinson, IFCSC Treasurer”

Institutions not paying their dues or assessments by the end of the calendar year (December 31st) must pay the dues owed, plus a $50 fine, before the end of the academic year in May or June.

Governing Council (for 2023-2024 Season)
An authorized representative of each member institution serves as a voting member of the Governing Council.  An authorized representative is one who has been officially given that assignment by the Athletic or Recreation department of the institution.  Each member school has one vote.

Chair: Scott Frank (USC)
Vice-Chair: Nicholas Burton (ASU)
Treasurer: Tim Robinson (UCSB)
Secretary: Hiran Jayasekara (UCLA)
Data Entry: Tim Robinson (UCSB)
Webmaster:  Tim Robinson (UCSB)

Bylaws -Code of Operations V2.011

As of 13-May-2023

Intercollegiate Fencing Conference of Southern California