Referee Pay Rate Schedule

Referees at IFCSC meets can expect morning coffee and a lunch (provided by the host school, but paid for by the Conference). The IFCSC will also pay referees as outlined in the USFA Honorariums, except that the $20 Per Diem will be paid for full-day events only. AskFRED is the official source for verifying referee ratings.

  • Referees with ratings 1, 2, 3, FIE A & B – $125 per service day
  • Referees with ratings 4 & 5 – $100 per service day
  • Referees with ratings 6 through 10 – $75 per service day
  • Unrated referees – $50 per service day
  • Referees (rated and unrated) who serve a full day at meets lasting five rounds or more will also receive an additional $20 for Per Diem.

Additional Travel Reimbursement (proposed for 2018-2019):

  • Close distance (>50 mi RT) – $10
               e.g. 20-30 min drive through LA.
  • Middle distance (>100 mi RT) – $20
              e.g. Pasadena to Irvine.
  • Long distance (>200 mi RT) – $40
             e.g. LA or OC to San Diego or Santa Barbara, and vice versa.

Referee Development 

  • Can referees be observed for improved ratings at IFCSC meets?

updated: 19 May 2018

Intercollegiate Fencing Conference of Southern California